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Signature Pro Series Jig
Signature Pro Series Jig

Skinny Bear Jigs have been a long-time favorite in Southern California. Anglers know they can rely on this bait, especially when the conditions are tough and the fish are pressured. These little ‘bug' style jigs will do the job when the bass have lockjaw and they've seen it all and are tired of looking at bigger jigs and worms. The Skinny Bear Pro Series Jig uses the Owner Deep Throat Wide Gap hook which will ensure positive hookups and securely hold your bass back to the boat. The rubber and silicon skirts are tied with a double wrap of wire and feature a weedguard. Try a small pork trailer, like the Super Pork Frog Jr. to really make this little jig a big bass killer.

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Black Blue

Black Blue Flash

Black Purple

Black Red Flash

Brown Green Pumpkin

Brown Pumpkin

Brown Pumpkin Chartreuse

Brown Purple

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Brown Watermelon
Red Flash

Brown Watermelon

White Pearl
Barbwire Hologram

Silicone Black Blue

Silicone Green

Silicone Green
Pumpkin Watermelon

Silicone Pumpkin

Silicone Watermelon
Green/Purple Flash

Silicone Watermelon
Red Flash