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The “Grizz” Flipping Jig
The “Grizz” Flipping Jig

The “Grizz” Flipping Jig takes its name from the biggest, baddest bear around; one capable of getting into the roughest cover and catching it's prey. The "Grizz" is strong enough to get the toughest bass to the boat. Skirts are top quality rubber and silicon securely tied on with wire so they will positively stay where they belong. The heads are painted with quality chip-resistant paint and the weed guards are thick, allowing you to fish it like it is or trim it down, depending on how thick the cover is you are fishing. The head design will allow the Skinny Bear “Grizz” to slip through cover and get where the bass live without jamming or snagging. If you're looking for a top quality flipping jig you won't find one much better than the “Grizz”.

Price: US$4.79


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Black Blue

Black Blue Flash

Black Purple

Black Red Flash

Brown Blue

Brown Orange

Brown Pumpkin Chartreuse

Brown Purple

Brown Purple
Orange Barbwire

Brown Watermelon

Brown Watermelon Red


White Pearl
Barbwire Hologram

Silicone Black/Blue

Silicone Green Pumpkin Candy

Silicone Green Pumpkin Orange Barbwire

Silicone Cal Craw

Silicone Watermelon

Silicone Watermelon Candy

Silicone Watermelon Red